Computer Architecture

Computer architecture research at UW CSE encompasses the structure, organization, implementation, and performance of the basic building blocks of computer systems. Many of our faculty and students take an inter-disciplinary approach to research that crosses multiple layers of the systems stack – from hardware to programming languages and applications – as part of our SAMPA group, a collaborative effort focused on computer architecture, operating systems, compilers, and programming languages to make computer systems faster, more reliable, and more energy efficient.
• Approximate computing: We explore the tradeoff between accuracy and performance and seek to exploit the ability of many applications, including augmented reality, machine learning, and big data analytics, to tolerate inaccurate computation at various levels. By trading accuracy for approximation in computation, storage and communication, we aim to develop comprehensive solutions across the entire system stack that will improve energy efficiency while enhancing systems performance and features.Emerging applications: Applications are often a major driver of progress in computer systems architecture. We seek to develop solutions for large-scale data analysis – making it simple to write irregular applications with near-optimal system utilization – and better support for scripting languages and optimization of web browsing on mobile devices.

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